Cyder: ‘these empty Thoughts / Of Apples’

In early modern England Virgil's Georgics influenced many writers, including Spenser and Milton. But the title of first pure English georgic - the first original poem in English to directly imitate the Georgics as a generic model - has to go to Cyder, by John Philips. So it seems appropriate to choose Cyder for the … Continue reading Cyder: ‘these empty Thoughts / Of Apples’


Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to Augustan Georgic! I’ve finally planted the seeds of my own academic blog (though I’ve been preparing the ground mentally for a few months). Many academic blogs start as PhD-journey-blogs. I’m now on my postdoctoral journey, if it can be called a ‘journey’. It lacks the clear end-point of thesis, submission, and viva, and … Continue reading Welcome to the Blog