The Genres of Thomson’s The Seasons

Happy new year! I’m kicking things off for 2019 with a short post about a book that came out at the end of 2018: The Genres of Thomson’s The Seasons, edited by Sandro Jung and Kwinten Van De Walle (Lehigh UP, 2018). The book is an edited collected of essays about James Thomson’s poem The … Continue reading The Genres of Thomson’s The Seasons


The Chace: ‘Sport of Kings’

It’s Autumn, so most of the UK’s hunting seasons are now underway. It seems like a good time to read the great hunting georgic, The Chace (1735) by William Somervile (or Somerville). I feel like I have a few things in common with Somervile. As well as being distant cousins, we both grew up in … Continue reading The Chace: ‘Sport of Kings’

Cyder: ‘these empty Thoughts / Of Apples’

In early modern England Virgil's Georgics influenced many writers, including Spenser and Milton. But the title of first pure English georgic - the first original poem in English to directly imitate the Georgics as a generic model - has to go to Cyder, by John Philips. So it seems appropriate to choose Cyder for the … Continue reading Cyder: ‘these empty Thoughts / Of Apples’