This is by no means an exhaustive list of the many poems that imitated Virgil’s Georgics, to greater or lesser extents, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. These are, however, some of the more sustained and successful engagements with the georgic mode from the period.

Armstrong, John. The Art of Preserving Health (1744)

Chapman, George, trans. The Works of Hesiod (1618)

Collier, Mary. The Woman’s Labour (1739)

Cowper, William. The Task (1785)

Denham, John. Cooper’s Hill (1642)

Dodsley, Robert. Agriculture (1753)

Dryden, John, trans. The Works of Virgil (1697)

Duck, Stephen, The Thresher’s Labour (1730)

Dyer, John. The Fleece (1757)

Gay, John. Wine (1708)

—-. Rural Sports (1713)

—-. Trivia, or the Art of Walking the Streets of London (1716)

Grainger, James. The Sugar-Cane (1764)

Jago, Richard. Edge-Hill (1767)

Philips, John. Cyder (1708)

Smart, Christopher. The Hop-Garden (1752)

Somervile, William. The Chace (1735)

Thomson, James. The Seasons (1730)